When you looking for entreprise class hardware compatible with latest version of VMware vSphere  – ESXi 5.0 U1, you will certainly be looking for the Vmware HCL for ESXi 5.0 page.

So where to go for the latest VMware HCL page?

VMware HCL – Go to VMware HCL search page : VMware Compatibility Guide – Search the VMware Compatibility Guide

Once there, you can do a multiple selections (by holding CTRL key). Once you select your options, just click the Update and View Results button just below, to get this other view of the results page.

There is large choice in the options there. Starting with number of CPU sockets, format of server (rackmounted or tower), FT format compatible sets or EVC.

You can click on the images to see larger view.

Vmware HCL for ESXi 5.0

You will get view like this, where you can see the HP systems in my example. By hovering a mouse through the links you’ll see some additional linformations about the CPU and EVC (enhanced vMotion capabilities).

Vmware HCL for ESXi 5.0

Since the result page is on the same page, you can easily select other options and click on the same button Update and View results now. Note that there are also other possibilities where you can print or export your results into CSV.