If you’re entreprise admin or IT consultant, it’s always helpful to know which tool to look for. I found that there are quite a few those tools for the job.

Let’s start with the list.

Starwind V2V Converter – First one, but this one is here since long time, and I don’t know for what reason, I wasn’t aware of. It’s Starwind’s V2V converter. This tool can handle both conversions. VHD -> VMDK and also VMDK -> VHD. Other features of this tool are the following:

–  Converts from VMDK to VHD and vice versa
–  Sector by sector copy
–  Does not modify source image
–  Easy to install and use

To use this tool? Simple.  Select your source File (VMDK, VHD, IMG) > Choose a location to save the converted data file > Click ‘convert’ and let the converter run.

Starwind V2V Converter - Free Tool to convert VHD to VMDK and vice versa

Get this tool here.  Starwind V2V Converter

Winimage 8.5 – Another tool I can recommend is WinImage (free evaluation use for up to 30 days). So the tool is not Free Tool…

Install and run WinImage > Go to Disk in the menu bar and select Convert Virtual Hard Disk Image. > Choose the VHD ftile you need to convert.

On the “Save As” dialog box, change the output format under the Save as Type to VMWare VMDK (*.vmdk)

WinImage 8.5: Download

VMware Converter Standalone – Another free tool for converting VHD into VMDK is VMware Converter Standalone. This free tool can be downloaded from VMware’s website here.

Your Microsoft VM has to be a Powered-on machine or Hyper-V Server Virtual Machine.

VMware Converter Standalone

You can get the latest version of VMware Converter Stanalone at this link at VMware.