if you have some VMs stored locally on your PC, you can copy paste them directly to your ESX(i) host.

Once the is VM shut down (required), you are able to copy this VM to your ESX(i) server or vCenter directly from within your VMware Workstation 8.0 interface.

In addition, after the connection to your ESX(i) host, you can manage the virtual machines as if you would manage them on your local PC. It means that you have a single console to manage the VMs in your datacenter and at the same time the console can manage the VMs running locally on your PC.

Or even better, you can connect to your coworker’s PC (if he’s running VMware Workstation 8.0 as well and sharing some VMs there) to manage them too….. That’s pretty cool ..

Some screenshots from the new VMware Workstation 8.0. On this screenshot you can see that I’m copying an XP virtual machine running thinapp into a ESXi host… by drag-and-drop…

VMware Workstation 8.0 drag-and-drop Feature in action

The VM must be shut down to complete the operation. Just complete the assistant and choose the destination host and datastore…

VMware Workstation 8-drag-and-drop feature in action

And here you go.. the process starts seamlesely…..

And as you can see, while selecting the destination host, you can see some informations, like.. CPU, Datastores and Memory usage… very nice…

VMware Workstation-8-drag-and-drop-uploading a VM to an ESX host

Source: vladan.fr