This diagram assists you in case of troubleshooting with the most frequently-used metrics and thresholds of the #1 performance tool for a VMWare Administrator – ESXTOP.

An explanation of all ESXTOP metrics with images, troubleshooting tips and quick guidelines.  Memory, CPU, NUMA, Network and Disk.  There are also all keyboard shortcuts which you’ll need after invoking the ESXTOP command:

vSphere 5 ESXTOP quick overview

m Memory
i Interrupts
v Disk VM
d Disk Adapter
p Power states
n Network
u Disk Device

f for add/remove fields
V show only virtual machine instances
2 highlight a row scrolling down
8 highlight a row scrolling up
spacebar: refresh screen


Download link for the english version: vSphere 5 ESXTOP quick overview for Troubleshooting