This is a great study and analysis from Gartner, related to all big virtualizations  company’s that are competing for the big virtual IT market.

Virtualization penetration has surpassed 50% of all server workloads, and continues to grow. The competitive market for x86 server virtualization infrastructure has matured, leading more enterprises to reconsider their choices, and, instead, consider multiple virtualization infrastructures.

The x86 server virtualization infrastructure market includes all x86-based workloads (i.e., application, Web and database servers; hosted virtual desktops [HVDs]; file, print and security servers) deployed on standard x86-based physical servers.

Solutions for this market leverage:

  • Hypervisors to create virtual machines (VMs)
  • Shared OS virtualization technologies (also called “containers”)
  • Server virtualization administrative management (base frameworks)
  • Server virtualization embedded management (live migration and basic automation of administrative management functions)

Not included are higher-level management functions, such as operational automation tools that deal with virtual resources, application performance tools that leverage and monitor virtualization, disaster recovery tools that leverage virtualization, desktop provisioning and brokering software, etc.


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