Some customers installing vCenter Server 5.1 have reported seeing the following error messages:

  • Error 29113. Wrong input – either a command line argument is wrong, a file cannot be found or the spec file doesn’t contain the required information, or the clocks on the two systems are not synchronized. Check vm_ssoreg.log in system temporary folder for details.
  • %TEMP%\vm_ssoreg.log
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid solution certificate. Certificate already expired.

The problem is due to expired vCenter certificates. When a client connects to vCenter, vCenter presents its certificate to the client. The client then has the responsibility to validate the certificate. If something is wrong with the certificate (can’t trust signer, expired, mismatch subject/hostname), the client needs to inform the user. The user then has the option to not connect or to continue connecting.

Note: This is not a security issue. The certificate is only used at the time of installation and the expiration of the previous certificate has no security risk associated with it.

For more information on this error, refer to KB article: vCenter Server 5.1 installation fails with a Wrong input and Certificate already expired error (2035413).