I found a small freeware application from Slym Software, to backup ESXi configuration.Take a look.

Not only you can backup multiple ESXi 4/5 configurations but also the local vcenter server database. There is a default retention policy set up for 2 weeks. You can then have the possibility to create a windows scheduled tasks or do the backup manually.


You’ll need to download vCLI for vSphere. The latest vCLI can be downladed from the VMware vCLI page. Log out/log in after the installation.

The local SQL database, which is usually installed for smaller cluster environments, and which can be used for clusters which has up to 5 hosts, can be backed up with this tool as well. The flat backup file of the DB has extention *.BAK.

ESXi Configuration backup – the features

  • Automatically backup multiple ESXi v4 & v5 configurations
  • Backup of any local SQL Databases
  • Manages basic retentions and deletes expired backup (ESXi backup only)
  • Creates a single archive per backup containing one file per ESXi
  • Add a file containing exact build numbers of each ESXi in backup archive
  • Compress backups to save space (ESXi backup only)
  • Portable software
  • Encrypt passwords
  • Easy to configure with the “Configuration Manager.exe

How to use ESXi Configuration backup?

  • Run “Configuration manager.exe” to configure all the settings
  • Add your ESXi servers (will not work if a vCenter is provided instead !)
  • Select SQL databases to backup
  • Set the backup folder and retention then close the manager
  • Create a scheduled task in Windows to run “ESXi Configuration Backup.exe” or run it manually
The ESXi Configuration Backup tool creates backups in c:\vSphere-backups folder which gets created automatically.  There you can see the backup of the vCenter database too.

ESXi Configruation Backup - Free Tool for VMware ESXi

Another screenshot showing the possiblity to include the local SQL database.

ESXi Configuration Backup - A Freeware Tool

The ESXi Configuration backup (called vSphere configuration backup) in action…..

ESXi Configuration Backup - Freeware

You can download the ESXi Configuration Backup tool from Slym software here.

Source: Slym Software